Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things That Do Not Go Together

There are some things in life that simply don't go together. This is a picture of Jady in Paris. Jady and Paris do not go well together. Here are a few things I have experienced do not go well with each other.

* Late nights & hair color
* Sarah Oliver & hair color - love you Sarah, but it turned out peach.
* Hiccups and liquid eyeliner
* Librarys and headphones - because I sing along outloud forgetting people can hear
* Bare feet and dog poop
* Tires and nails
* Godzilla and Tokyo
* Brushing your teeth and sneezing ( dad mentioned this the other day )
* Contact lenses and the beach
* Dresses and floor vents
* Toyota and Detroit
* Time with Jesus and laying down
* Camping and Myself
* My brother and hipsters
* Boredom and cars full of gas - I once drove to Louisiana with a friend late one night because
we were bored...quite a story. I'll save it for another day. And we forgot to
bring money. Oops.
* Prom and using money wisely - why did we spend SO much money on that event? Anyone still talk
to your prom date? Me neither.

Well, that's all I have this morning. What can you come up with?


  1. Black pants and a white dog who sheds...a lot!

  2. White pants and...basically everything.

  3. ponytail and short hair... you fight with it all day long cuz the sides fall down.

    perfume and bees... the bees tend to win unless you're a fast runner.

    bobby-socks and flip-flops