About Lark & Bloom

My name is Elizabeth Griffin. Originally from Texas, but we spent the past 5.5 years in Seattle planting a church. Then God said "Go" so we went to live in southern California. Six months later God led us back to Texas. So, here we are.  My husband is the most supportive, creative, and attractive man I know. I have two children, 4 & 2 and we are in the process of adopting two children from East Africa. I believe that lives are meant to be lived boldly and voices are made to be heard. I also think that the world should smell like an Anthropologie candle.

Lark & Bloom started in January 2011 as a way to communicate the things that roll through my head throughout the day. Some deep, some silly, most are things we can all relate to no matter who you are. I hope that this blog inspires you, makes you smile and draws you into your Creator. Thanks for reading!

You can email me at : larkandbloom@gmail.com
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