Might I Suggest...

Where do I get my creative inspiration and killer style? Here are a few of my favorite locations for internet browsing: 

Blogs I Read:

Hillsong Collective      - Equippings & practicals on all things ministry related. Check it out.
Staying Awake Blog    - This is one of my best friends of all time. She has great humor, creative ideas
                                                    and delightful commentary. I do suggest you read.
Great Smitten Blog        - So, Faith & I have never met. I do feel as if she is an old friend though. I  am
                                       convinced that if I lived in the UK we would be attached at the hip. Great
                                       writing, fantastic insights and always some humor.
The Woods Style          - written by my fantastic husband. A men's style blog- by a dude for dudes.
His Deeds                     - videos & stories that share testimonies from around the world
Style By Emily             - I love her style & she is great with practical decorating tips. Plus, she is adorable.
Design Sponge             - Great articles, DIY tips, city guides...what's not to love?
Stifling Trivialities        - my friend Steph's blog. You may not always agree with her, but she makes great  
                                       points and has a sincere point of view.
A Beautiful Mess         - a one-stop-shop for all things style
Goop                            - yes, this is Gwyneth Paltrow's blog. She has great recipes, city guides,
                                      and style tips...a fun blog to follow.