Monday, May 9, 2011

There is a, you never know...

There is a, you never know. You could do a human pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris with a few friends...and your baby...You just never know.

Here is what brings this post about. Tonight at dinner Jady and I were talking about how we are 30 (I'm 29 but its the same thing) and we are in the middle of this great adventure where anything could happen at any moment. After dinner we were watching this video on Martin Smith & Delirious. They were this little nobody band who used to just play in schools. Then they got an invited to play at a prayer conference & God launched them into being a massively influential band. Fast forward a few hours...I was watching a Hillsong promo for a conference (shocker) and one of the guys said " I don't think I can make it, but there is a God so, you never know."

Hmm...I thought. So very true. We really never know. Anything can happen with God. At any time. I loved living in Seattle and the thought of leaving Mosaic had me crying for a year and a half. God had amazing things for me there and there are still amazing things continuing to happen. But now I am here. In a field where God can plant anything. Although the season of transition was so painful, God had things for me in a new season. In Seattle, I was too busy to write. Now I have time & I'm really enjoying it...and people read it...who knew. Other things are starting to emerge that didn't have room before. There is a God, so I just never know.

If you ached on Mother's Day because you long for children. There is a, you never know.

You have a heart for reforming education, but you have taught the same first grade class for 20 years now. Maybe one of the kids you invested in will go on to become the Secretary of Education . There is a God, so you never know.

You lost your job, and can't seem to get another one. Could be that God wants to take you in a completely new direction. There is a whole new arena you never thought you could enter with your life, but He is about to invite you in. You never know.

You follow God to a remote place. Nothing seems to be there. But He is about to plant a garden in a desert. And He wanted you to have a front row seat. What seemed like exile is now honor. There is a God, so you never know.

Keep hope fresh. Keep dreams alive. And keep your soul full.
There is a, you never know...He may surprise you.


  1. Thank you for this message of Hope. There have been many dark days around me and sometimes I can't see through the blinding darkness, but this has been a ray of light shining and reminding me that all things are possible in Him and that to Hope in Him. Thank for this Elizabeth. (PS I'm visiting from SDG Sisterhood)

  2. Amen. Thanks for putting in writing a LifeTruth which kicks around in my heart all the time, but I rarely find words to express.

  3. It's funny how change shifts us in ways that nothing else does. Thanks for listening well and being faithful in whatever season you are in Elizabeth. Love your writing. Some day I will say, "I knew her when..."

  4. This is beautiful, engaging, and hope inspiring. Although I don't personally relate to this line, it is so good and I know that it will bless someone very specifically: What seemed like exile is now honor.

  5. I wish I could always see things through your eyes.

  6. I love this simple, yet profound thought! "There is a God, so you never know. . . " Cool.

  7. Two favorite parts of thing post:

    1. The baby in the pyramid, nice!
    2. The idea of keeping hope fresh. Yes, I like that. How do we focus on keeping hope fresh?

    Glad you linked-up today.

  8. Yes! When we remain open to His leading, circumstances take on a completely different perspective, don't they? Instead of dead ends and closed doors, we of Hope have a sense of anticipation, wondering what unexpected thing He is doing. Joy!

  9. I Live In An Antbed, I love the name of you. :) That sounds a bit traumatic and maybe hopeless, but there is a God, so you never know. Elizabeth, this post has touched my heart deeply. Thank you sweet girl. You are blessed that folks read you; they are blessed for reading you.

  10. Liz - hey! I just found your blog last week (and your dad had just told jordan about it the day before - but I stumbled upon it another way!). Anyway - I have loved reading it and hearing your thoughts! Excited that there is such an adventure for you in your new season - and for all of us! What a fun, unpredictable in ways - God we serve! Blessings to you friend!
    Christy Ogden

  11. liz, again. love it. i needed some hope today and i think this (and the post about speedboats! have really helped). there is a GOD, so i never know. awesome. its so true, and i think i actually forget it. thanks for writing. what a blessing that you now have time. i can't wait til i have a bit more time for it! I LOVE YOU and am so proud to be your bestie baby!

  12. I'm all for hope and encouraging each other but we actually don't know if there is a real God or just a man made one. You can always say it's God's plan or doing but we don't know we just hope it's true cause it helps us feel better and deal with the unknown variables of life. Why won't God cure cancer and prefers to let us suffer on Earth unnecessarily?