Friday, July 6, 2012

Lets all KISS

My sweet simple son.

When I was in 10th grade I took geometry. I don't remember my teacher's name & I don't remember geometry. Something about shapes? Clearly it was an effective educational experience.

I do remember two things from that class. First, I missed the entire first week of class because I got stuck in Egypt, but that is another story for another day. Second, my teacher (whatever her name was)  started off class by telling us to K.I.S.S. 

Keep It Simple Stupid. She said that the reason most people can't find a solution in math is because they over complicate the problem. That one phrase is probably more helpful than geometry anyway.

Most of us feel stuck and overwhelmed by some problem because we over complicate the foundation of what the problem is. 

Financial budgets + (marriage - moving) x whatever the heck God is saying + a prophetic word someone gave me in 8th grade / something not feeling quite right + new job offers < deep heart dreams + my kids needs x everything I'm afraid of = WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO DO. 

We try and calculate these ridiculous components. Take the above equation & K.I.S.S. it. It simplifies into questions more like these:

Who do I want to be?
What do I want my life to look like?
What is God saying?
Do I want to marry that person?
If I wasn't afraid, what would I be doing?

Simplifying the problem isn't minimizing the problem. Complexity doesn't equal importance. We should all be doing a bit more geometry in our lives. Let's all K.I.S.S. 


  1. Hey, I got stuck in Egypt, too, when you were in the 10th grade!!!

    1. Yes you did. And I remember their lemon aid was yummy.

  2. Um, don't hate me, but I loved Geometry and got a B in it. However, I am terrible at anything beyond Algebra 2 and I don't get along with numbers. I love K.I.S.S.
    I love the questions you posted to keep it simple. I am trying hard to do that right be patient with where God is taking me. I am saying yes to God more than I ever have in my walk with him and I am loving it. BUT...I find myself wanting to complicate things...stupid human I am or just call me "sheep". Hehehe, anyways...have I told you lately that I adore your blog?

    1. Dionne, you are so sweet! Thanks for adoring my blog! And I am glad you learned actual math in geometry!