Monday, April 23, 2012

Wish My Heart Would Memorize This

Source: Pinterest

I wish my heart would memorize this. I need to know it better than I do. It would be quite helpful if my brain would yell it at me when I start worrying. Worrying that I'm not giving my kids what they need. Worrying that I won't keep people interested in my projects. Worrying I will regret my decisions and want a do-over. I worry about a lot of things. Worrying is a form of fear that I justify. It can seem even practical and responsible to 'worry'. But it is fear. And it is a liar.


  1. Oh...I can so relate!!! Recently a lot of things around the house and in my life were breaking and we didn't really have the money to fix them. God whispered, "Trust." And I did...and then things were covered under warranty, or cheaper than expected and we got a nice tax refund to boot. Stupid fear! So glad to have stopped by today.

    1. I love stories of God's provision! It is so encouraging to hear. Thanks for sharing Dionne.