Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Little Inconvenience

Continuing with our Mother's Day inspired blog posts...

Having children is inconvenient. If you don't think so, then you don't have children. The early mornings, the late nights. I am pretty sure every parent can relate to this:

Source: Pinterest

Despite the constant requests for help and questions regarding everything ranging from space travel to dinosaur poop, we love our kids. The amount of joy we feel far surpasses the cups of coffee we consume to make it through our days. 

Inconvenience isn't bad. I love to watch my son's face when he digs up a worm. Yep, it means he is covered in mud, but I love discovering the world through his eyes.

This quote is a nice reminder for me on the days that I get small minded. When I see my kids as another outfit I have to wash and another picky eater to please. The cartoon above is funny, but this is what it it is all about.

Sure, some days may be hard. But, in the inconvenience there is huge blessing if we look for it. I am raising human beings who will change the world. After I get the mud out of their ears...


  1. For someone that has struggled for a few years to get pregnant I don't understand how someone with kids see's them as inconvenient. Yes I am sure at times it can be frustrating but people with kids should realize how blessed they are to have kids. For those of us that struggle to get to that point it hurts us to see something like this, and yes I know I am being emotional and you see your kids as blessings but from my standpoint I don't think I could ever feel that way if I am ever blessed with a child.

  2. Rachel, that's a great perspective & I appreciate your honesty. My intention was to point out that although it can seem like such hard work, the inconvenience is so 'little' compared to what we get. I have several friends who have walked through great difficulty having kids & I know their pain has been very deep. I can't imagine how hard it is. You will be an amazing mom one day. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I know you didn't mean it in any way to be hurtful. I can only imagine the little things that might become annoying, but just another perspective I guess. And thank you.